O. & something pointless

My first ever DJ sets:

So, that was my first gig as a DJ. Two sets of approximately one hour. Here are the set lists:

Set #1 (21:00-22:00):
Scott Walker: Cossacks Are
Sielun Veljet: Kuka teki huorin
The Associates: Logan Time
Echo and the Bunnymen: Pictures On My Wall
The Danse Society: Heaven Is Waiting
Joy Division: Disorder
Loistava Polku: Matkalla
The Residents: Diskomo 2000
The Specials: International Jet Set
The Slits: I Heard It Through The Grapevine
The Residents: Kaw-Liga
Depeche Mode: Here Is The House

Set #2 (23:50-00:40):
Echo and the Bunnymen: With a Hip
Massive Attack: Risingson
The Specials: Man At C&A
Portishead: Halfday Closing
David Bowie: Golden Years
Magazine: I’m a Party
Gang of Four: What We All Want
The Chameleons: Swamp Thing
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Awake
The The: Uncertain Smile
Joy Division: She’s Lost Control (12” Version)
Manic Street Preachers: Fragments

I had serious doubts about iTunes 11 at first. But now that I’ve got used to it, I have to say that for you people out there who’ve obsessed over the album covers, it’s going to be pure eye candy.

Also an ego wank and a show-off of my greatest pride and joy that is my iTunes library.

And please. Please, please, please pay no attention to the age old ratings I’ve given the albums. I was 16 years old, excited about post-punk and, well, my concept of criticism hadn’t quite developed yet.