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The worst albums of all aren’t the ones that just honestly are terrible, because even then you can laugh at them and just ponder how bad a record can actually be. No, the worst ones are the ones you’ve anticipated for, and then they turn out to be just mediocre and bland. Not bad, but just… meh. And to make things worse, there is this thing called the fear of music, which Tim Lovejoy put to words better than anyone else. What we’re talking about here is the phenomenon when one listens to a highly respected album, with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars, and in the end doesn’t like it all that much. What happens is, we hide our dislike for the record, because everyone who knows anything about music is fond of these records and these albums are taken for granted, to be found on everyone’s Top Ten Favourite Albums From Here to Eternity.

With that said, here’s a bunch of records I had looked forward to, which disappointed me and lead me making excuses such as "I’m simply not mature enough to get it" for myself, and afterwards just made me keep my mouth shut. The albums that could’ve —and should’ve— been great.

This is absolutely brilliant stuff! If you are a fan of punk / new-wave / post-punk, simplistic graphical design or both, you definitely have to check this guy’s work out!


I wish he’s going to make a Joy Division poster someday. And I want a Gang Of Four t-shirt like that so bad right now. Lovely!